Giving the IELTS exam a third time

As a person with English as a Second language ( though in my home country, I thought English being one of the official languages meant, English was my first language), yesterday I went to write the IELTS exam, which would prove my ability to manage in the English language, should I ever want to reside in a country where English is the first language ( confusing ?). Well, I am too. ¬†As some may be aware, in my quest for constant self- improvement and acceptance, I am applying to a course which offers a Master’s degree in Science Writing. I love writing and since I am a student of Science( who has temporarily detoured into Administration, in order to save money to go back to science), I thought getting formally trained in Science Writing would perhaps help my prospects along. Add to this an obsession of mine to always be better than others’ around me( a remnant of my childhood competitive spirit) and I am a confirmed full time learner. But I digress.

The IELTS exam as the DELFF exam in French has four parts to it – Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading. Each would take a good hour to complete. My entire day yesterday was spent at the Examination venue, with other ESLs(English as a Second Language).

I appeared for the exam the third time- meaning the first time I did it in 1997 and passed but the validity of the pass was only for 3 years’. At that time I thought I might go the UK to complete my Master’s degree in Medicine. That was not to be.

Then I did it in 2011, as part of my application to a Master’s in Public Health program. This pass expired in 2014. There was no reason for me to renew it that year but now that there is, I did it again. The results will be out on X’mas eve. Keeping fingers crossed.