When childhood ends

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “When Childhood Ends.”

I think childhood officially ended for me, when I went to hostel and felt all alone with no where for me to put my head on. I saw all my childhood and adolescent dreams come crashing down and knew that what we thought life would be and what life actually was, were two different things.

I also learnt that there were people who could look through you and pass you by in life, even if you were right in their path. There was a way that people who didn’t want to meet you or talk to you could pass you by, as though you were a stone pillar in their way.

There are people who are so different from your family, your people, who talked, dressed, even thought differently from what you were used to.

When this realisation came to me, I grew up. A child’s world is so different from an adult’s world.

Talking my way out of difficulties

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Big To Fail.”

I would go talk to some people from my past, who have created problems for me, ( either with rude whisperings, not so behind my back or with comments to my face) and try to tell them that I am not guilty of those accusations.

For example that Pathology professor who pretended as though she could not recognise me, when I went to her for a scheduled extra class, because she said I didn’t come the day before( which was the day she had planned to conduct the class) and not the day I came( which was the day I was told to come).

Or to the Hygiene Secretary of my hostel, who put up a stinker on my door, saying” Please put your wastes in your basket and not on the floor outside, for these are obviously remnants of your meal”- Someone else had eaten food and thrown what remained outside my room and she thought I had done it and put up one of the dreaded ” Stinkers” outside my door. ( It hurt my 18 year old feelings).

Or to the Secretary of the place I worked in previously, who spread malicious rumours about me and tried to make life difficult for me at all times. I still plead not guilty.

I would try to meet these people and talk to them from my point of view- hopefully, I could convince them.

Or maybe I could laugh with them at these incidents and lighten up the atmosphere- who knows ?

Satisfied, responsible, loving, strong and in the present- that is my own circle of five.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Circle of Five.”

1. A no-complaint person : I would like to spend time with someone who has been stoically strong in times of trouble, to the extent of always praising and having no complaints midst everything. I know a father who has 4 children- 3 of his children had the deadly disease cystic fibrosis- his wife, he and the daughter who was well, spent their entire lives, caring for their sick children(siblings), with no word of complaint. One day the mother died, out of sheer exhaustion and did any of them complain ? No-they managed to celebrate her going. Basically, spend time with a no-complaint person.

2. A person who takes responsibility : I would like to be with someone who can take responsibility for things that happen in his/her life. I have been with too many people who are so willing to palm off responsibilities on others, blaming others if things go wrong and making the world a miserable place.

3. A person who values the love of children, animals and of living beings not -so- high- up in order as adult human beings: Love is important here- someone who can reciprocate love in whatever form it comes to them, and from who ever.

4. A person who has strength of character : It would be great to live and work with people who have the strength and courage to stick up for what they think is right, come what may. They may or may not be able to justify why they are what they are, but they are what they are, and proud of it too and that makes a lot of difference.

5. A person who lives for the day and does not store up too much for tomorrow : I like to be with the  easy- going person, with no hang-ups and worries about what will happen tomorrow- for all we know, it may not happen and if it does, it may not be as bad as we think it will be.