University work and other updates

The university work I went for got done real fast and easy. It seems ludicrous that I spent over 9 months worrying over how this was going to get done. I went, I filled and I got it done and now the certificates are on the way to the verifying agency. Fingers crossed all is ok.

Got to work on Thursday- which was the day that a lot of things happened. My mother was taken ill, with only my sister( who doesn’t drive) with her. My dad was away from state taking my younger daughter to write exams. My mum is 71 and is as stubborn as a mule. She has absolutely refused to go to hospital, which she perhaps hasn’t visited in the last 30 years, since she had her last baby. She had swelling of both legs, fever, chills and was dozing off at every moment.

Anyway my father ( who was rushed back to town, forgetting exams, with my daughter in tow), managed between him and my sister to get dressed to go to hospital.

The doctor took one look at her leg and said, It will be very difficult to save this leg- too far gone. ‘ My mum true to her form, refused to sit on the wheelchair, though she could barely walk a foot. It embarrassed her to be portrayed as weak, I guess. Protesting loudly, she went off on the wheelchair to get her legs looked into.

They shifted her to the minor operation theater and cleaned up the wounds and sent her to the ward, where she has been ever since. Two pints of blood have been transfused. So far blood tests show nothing much to account for the severe swelling of the feet and legs.

We await further tests and results at this time.