Last day of the year post- Five helps for the new year

Today's post is based on the "Five Helps for the New Year" given by Bishop Michael Ramsey to his clergy, which our own church has adopted for the new year. It came to me via a message sent out from our church to all members. Five Helps for the New Year Thank God. Often and …

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The week after Christmas

We had four days of paid leave granted by my University for Christmas and post Christmas celebrations. It was a well needed break. Our Christmas Tree at home On the Sunday of Christmas, I managed to go to church after a long time here. I had been to church a couple of times in the …

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The Chicken Grandma

the-path-gooseberry-falls-mnGooseberry Falls State Park, MN

There are days when blogging inspiration is hard to come by.  Today is one of those days. It seems small seeds of ideas pop into my brain and scatter before they have a chance to take root.

I am not sure why this is an issue today. Maybe it is because I was already a day late with my Monday post and my brain just can’t quite reset to the normal blogging schedule. It is hard to get my thoughts back on track.

Much of life can be like that.  You find a perfectly good path to take (at least you think it is a perfectly good path.) and before you know it…..your good path has taken twists and turns that you never expected.

What starts out as an easy hike quickly becomes a test of endurance and perseverance. I find when those paths starting getting a…

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Would You Like To Partner With Me? — Dream Big, Dream Often

Do you want more eyes on your posts? Do you want more followers? If you answered yes to these questions, then email me and ask me about my Partner program! I only have a few openings available so don’t delay. This opportunity is perfect for the blogger looking to gain extra exposure for their […] via …

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Accepting humiliations

I was reading about the recent wedding in California where a woman died after a tree fell on a wedding party. The woman who died was the mother of  the bride. I have a relatively uneventful work situation these days. Except for the occasional contribution from the difficult co-worker of whom I have written in …

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gossip and Your Truth – the Difference

A post on what I have often written about- gossiping- but never have been able to put so lucidly as in this post.

Madeline Scribes

The bumper sticker on my Volkswagon Bug the entire time I owned it. The bumper sticker on my Volkswagen Bug the entire time I owned it.

I’ve developed this really awful reputation.

The problem is that I am unwilling to change anything about myself.

You see, the people gossiping about me and the ones telling you how awful I am, are the same ones I decided were too judgmental, gossiped about everyone, including their own friends, and caused way too much drama. In fact, they were gossiping about me when I still thought we were friends.

I am not willing to put up with any of that simply to have friends.

Which brings me to defining the difference between gossip and telling your truth. There is a huge difference between the two and I am not certain that many people even know the distinction. You can tell your truth without spreading mean and malicious gossip. Allow me to enlighten.

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On a recent visit to the home country to see my daughter, her friends and she( 20 somethings) persuaded me to go with them to a Disney movie. I must confess I am so out of touch with things, that I have never watched a Disney movie. I went along with them because I like …

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