Doing the Sugar Smart diet has made me smart in other ways too. Becoming aware of carbohydrates in no mean way is one side effect. One of the substitutes for white wheat which they advised was barley. I am not sure about others but barley water was something we might have been given as children …

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A young 20 something and her teenage tantrums

I have a daughter who turned 23 this year. She is away in our home country doing her best to become a doctor. She is in Medical School. Her father and I visit her about once a year and she flies down to visit us about a couple of times a year. ( In a …

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Healthy Thanksgiving Advice

Fabi has fabulous tips on how to enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family and to take control of the eating.
I love this post especially in the light of my own weight loss journey.

Battleborn Mom

Hello Readers!  Okay, so I’m sure we are all most likely concerned with overeating during the holiday months, especially on Thanksgiving Day.  And it isn’t odd to feel that way!  If you think about all the options that typically grace your table.  Most likely, everything is loaded with fat, salt, and sugar.  And even though you may try to eat healthy, it doesn’t always happen.  But there are a few things you can do to help with this.  So, let’s jump into them.

Don’t skip breakfast.  As much as you think skipping breakfast in order to balance out the caloric intake during the Thanksgiving feast, it’s the wrong thing to do.  Instead of “saving” for later, we tend to over eat because we’re hungry.  We think that one hors d’ouvre won’t hurt, but then it becomes two and then four and then before you notice you’ve eaten way more…

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Daily Prompt: Anticipation

via Daily Prompt: Anticipation In anticipation. A cat in my laundry room, As stray as can be. No one wants him alive, But me. Life is difficult for a stray Especially when fair weather goes away. A poisoner of cats turns up in Winter And wishes the strays away. This stray has been a survivor, …

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Cat update and my day 31

The second last day before my diet ends. I am actually going to miss it, so I think I am going to continue it. A loss of 5 kgs is not a joke for me, someone who has been trying to do so for at least a few years. My sugar cravings are gone now, …

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Day 30

Just 2 days to go and the Sugar Smart Diet for me - first phase should officially be over. I am now 85 kgs light. I am energetic and a lot of my lost memory seems to have come back. There were times I went to the kitchen to get something and then my mind …

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Day 27

Starting yesterday, I could reintroduce sugar into my diet if I required it. This is a really kind diet- kind to the dieter. I had no desire to start sugar again, knowing how addicted I can get- once I start, it will move on to the second piece and the third and so on. The …

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