Child’s Play

A down-to-earth post – one that will help us be grounded.

Good Woman

imageThe things that keep children most entertained are often not the expensive flashy toys, but rather simple things found around the house. Very young children can be absolutely delighted playing with pots and pans, or cardboard boxes. As a young child in the 50’s, I certainly did not have the  quantity of toys that American middle class children have today. But I was never bored. I always found a way to entertain myself. In my case I was aided by having seven brothers and sisters although the oldest of my brothers were too mature (and too cool) to play some child’s games.

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I have been nominated by blogger Bonny Dunn of for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. While I am surprised and humbled by this nomination, I would like to thank Bonny who is a very inspired blogger, writing about Grenada, the US and how  living in these countries is.

In the blogging world I am about 6 months old but I have had periods of crescendos and troughs in my blogging journey. In spite of breaks, I have managed to cover 6 months. This is the stage at which a normal human baby would sit up and look at the world with confidence. So I do too.

Baby sitting up 2

I believe that apart from the satisfaction of having a blogging friend who thought me good enough for an award, there is the additional benefit of making new friends. In my time blogging, I have gone through a transition where I enjoy reading posts rather than writing now. Is this peculiar to me ? Honestly, writing does not come so easily to me now.

I recently attended a lecture by a professor of writing from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and she said that more and more people are becoming writers these days- writing is a necessity of modern life but in the process reading has moved to the back burner,meaning that people prefer to do reading only if it serves them a purpose. For example I read  only if  I have  to write a response to someone else’s comment or email to me or I read only to get some information which would help me with my writing. Meaning that reading has become quite materialistic- a virtual “give” only when some ‘ take” is available.

To get back to my blog and why I do it, i started off this blog because I was applying for various writing jobs and many jobs asked me if I had a blog site- so in desperation I set up this site and started writing. On this journey I have made so many friends, so many fellow travelers, who support me in so many ways and ways even they might not know they have helped me in.

Some of my friends and those I would like to nominate for this award myself are :

1. Sia- Discover Life  at

2. Homemade naturally at : ( Donna)

3. Alka Girdhar from Magnanimous Word at :

4. Cyn Franks from Frankly Write at :

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17. Joanne at

Here are the rules to follow if you decide to accept the award, my friends:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, in my case Bonny from Thank you, thank you, thank you.

2. List the rules and display the award.

3. Share seven facts about yourself. Well, here they are

  1.  I am a woman with a mind of her own, always opinionated and sometimes thinking as though she knows more than the other person.
  2. I love children and animals. Children are my special favourites.
  3. I have recently learnt crocheting so I am passionate about it.
  4. I have trained in public health medicine but am currently in administration but hoping and dreaming that one day I will study in the place of my dreams( Harvard), work in the medical school of my choice and be known for being a great public health person.
  5. In my life and work, my principles and ethics often come in the way of what is expected of me at work and needless to say, everytime, I have chosen to go with my heart.
  6. I love songs and especially tender, loving songs, hymns, old movie songs and such.
  7. I enjoy driving, especially at high speeds.

The fourth and most important rule is to nominate 15 other amazing blogs on their blog to let them know you nominated them, which I am doing right now.

So thank you all for following and reading what I write- we will move together on this writing journey.


Starvation amidst plenty

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cut Off.”

I have felt truly lonely, even when surrounded by family and everyone else, when I found no one understands me, why I think and act as I do and that I can be happy in spite of my non- conventionality.

I have a husband and children –  a 21 year old marriage, everything going well but I do feel lonely when I was considered an oddball as I gave up my job( mentioned in many previous posts) and chose to be unemployed rather than act against my principles and be forced to behave unethically. It surprises me even now that even my dearest and best can be un-understanding.

I would like to be understood- I do not mind being thought of as weird because as someone mentioned in a blog post recently, it is my weirdness that makes me distinctive.

Believe me, if one is mis-understood one can be as lonely as can be !


Bad, good and getting better

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Worst Case Scenario.”

Most of the time the worst thing that could happen to me is what I imagine would happen to me if I met so-and-so. I have a long list of s0- and – so’s to avoid so I live under a constant panic about how and whom to avoid. It has gotten to such a state that I have forgotten why I want to avoid certain so-and-sos but I’m conditioned to avoid them.

A long time ago, my husband was on my ” to avoid” list especially after he proposed to me when I was 19 and still in college. I was so embarrassed and constantly worried about how I might be his intern when I started my housemanship( he was a fellow then). I spent sleepless nights wondering how I might avoid catastrophe for everyone knew a smooth internship depended largely on the fellow you were posted with. Omigosh!

These days it is my previous workplace fellow mates- I constantly pray I don’t have to meet them at malls, or in public places I go to. Another time I was avoiding my boss.It seems my entire life is spent avoiding people or planning tactics about how to avoid people.

Bad day

Now for the best- as you can see, I always keep the best for the end.

My best would be if I got a job in a prestigious medical school near here ( so I could get out of administration) and work in my own speciality. The job would be highly paying and my colleagues would be congenial and very professional- even more ethical and principled than I am. I would be able to write a lot of papers and would become a speaker of repute. Above all, I would be a doctor again and be able to minister to people.


But I am now employed in a university which is close to the place where I really want to work- so it looks like I am getting there- things could be worse.

If only wishes were horses——- !