My blog friends

I started blogging in August 2014 in a period of despondency. Life had never looked worse for me- finances were low, self-esteem almost non-existence, respect from peers nil and family support almost zero. It was that time that I was led to blogging. Looking back, I was guided, unknowingly into the blog world. From a …

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Moving out of one’s comfort zone

Today's life lesson - move out of my comfort zone. Two days back I had to attend a meeting of Research Administrators of all the institutions from my city. The meeting discussed various issue faced by Research Administrators during award management , both pre and post award. This was my first time at such a …

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Toys Story: Outdoor Connection

An excellent post on toys, children and modernity.

soul n spirit


To be honest I wasn’t fascinated with dolls and toys as a child. I used to remain outdoors most of the time , loved to play sports and games with friends. Playing with toys was always a second option.

There were dolls, cars, doctor set, clay moulds, kitchen set and building blocks in my collection of toys. I even cooked veggies in one of my toy wok made of steel gifted by my aunt ! I had a red piggy bank which had a special place in my room till I was in class 10th. All said and done I was happier cycling along the canal, trekking the hill feature with our gang of society children.

As a child I enjoyed running around the trees with my friends in the society park. We assembled and play merry go round every evening. Girls used to bring their badminton rackets, frisbee, skipping…

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Quotes from famous authors about writing

"Start writing something and the ideas will come. You have to turn the faucet on before the water starts to flow." — Louis L’Amour "First, find out what your hero wants, then just follow him!" — Ray Bradbury "If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you …

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Me and Mr. Claus

I enjoyed the writer’s take on this topic and would like to share this post.

The Gad About Town

I know Santa Claus, which I know sounds like a tall tale …

I do not remember the moment I learned that the many Misters and Missuses Claus that we encountered in person or saw on TV were “not real”; the fact that there was no “a-ha” moment leads me to assume that I never bought the story. Maybe so, maybe not. There is at least one photo of my sister and me in a “portrait with Santa,” and I remember the typical session. I knew, just knew, that the fellow was not Santa, and I did not feel betrayed by this; I knew it was a guy overheating indoors in a snowsuit for reasons related to “things grown-ups do.” It did not make much sense to me, to be a grown-up wearing a snowsuit indoors, but I did not envy adults the many things that they did, said, claimed…

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