My Toes are Betraying Me

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This started out to be a piece called “Why High Heels Should be Banned,” but titles are tricky and it’s important to get a good one.  So I thought about what I really wanted to address with this post.  And while I would sort-of like high heels to be banned, I decided that even more than that, I wanted to complain.  And if it serves as a cautionary tale to anyone to not wear high heels that would be a bonus.  Actually, if anyone other than me reads this it will be a bonus.

So, I’d like to start by saying that ageing sucks.  But, given the alternative I’ve had to refine that sentiment, because ageing does not suck as much as death, in the vast majority of instances.  So what I actually mean is that many of the changes that happen to our bodies as we age suck.  And…

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Wednesday – Day 4- a little down

The weight is not coming off- my first thoughts when I woke up yesterday( day 3) and stepped on the machine ( a daily morning ritual now, for ever so long). When has my life started revolving around my weight ? I guess when I was about 10. The earliest memory I have is of …

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Overeaten-what should I do now ?

It is the weekend. Around 4 pm today, I wasn't hungry; perhaps a wee bit thirsty. Lunch was still working its way around my insides. But suddenly pictures of the chocolate box sitting in my fridge, float in front of my eyes. Tried telling myself, I am not hungry- let's not do it- if I …

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