I am notorious for putting away thing for tomorrow that I can do today- that’s me.

  1. Weight loss : I have good intentions and want to be 60 kgs and 6 months- very ambitions and motivated even- posting on social media and all, but when it comes to actually the cutting down on the foods I should not eat, well, there’s always
  2. Combined study : There is a woman who works in a nearby university who needs my help to revise her portions for an ethics exam she needs to take in September- I know I should be calling her and letting her know I am back, but I cannot just frame that email and start the process off. Let me tell you why- because if she responds to my email and then I will have to fix times with her every day to revise lessons and look up other books and notes and that takes a lot of my home time away from myself- time which I want to lie down on the sofa and view my favourite shows on TV or read a book.ahh-procrastination
  3. Complete crochet projects : I have a lot of incomplete projects, all half done- or just started off, some that I cannot even recognise for what they were intended- all I know is that my aims were good but never got beyond a day of work and patience.  Some projects have sat in my crafts box for more than a year. I have a lot of excuses like my husband does not like my crocheting or I don’t have the time or I have forgotten the pattern for that project and so on but it is just the dawdling me.
  4. Writer’s Digest exercise : I have been enrolled in the Writer’s digest course for over two years – I am stuck at their exercise 2- which involved going out to a public place and observing people and writing up about what I saw and another one where I needed to research common magazines that would take articles for print, paying or not paying. To be honest, I did the research and tried to find magazines but I didn’t have the guts to complete the exercise and that was in late 2014- I really need to get on with and later

Does any one else has a procrastination problem ?

How do you over come it ?



A wonderful piece of writing by my friend Lulu.
Words are powerful and equip us to face the world either in our private space or out in the open. Words are said to be able to conquer worlds.
I loved this post.

Following Seas

Words.pngPhoto credit: Romain Vignes/Unsplash

Many years ago, when I was in elementary school, a teacher asked the class to name something that we had “alot of” in our homes. It was during an open discussion where we would offer our thoughts about different topics. One classmate said furniture, another one mentioned pets, still another bragged toys. There were a variety of answers, the most amusing being ants. Apparently, a recently spilled pitcher of Kool-Aid in Michael’s kitchen had attracted an army of the tiny, six-legged critters.

My contribution came to mind immediately; books. All kinds of books. Hardcover and paperbacks, both fiction and nonfiction. Then there were dictionaries (English and German), a set of encyclopedias, and a thesaurus. Crossword puzzle books, the local newspaper, TV Guides, and an assortment of magazines that made cooking and home care less tedious for the lady of the house (it was…

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Elephantine memories

One of my husband’s pet peeves is that he cannot put a name to a familiar face and he says this problem has accentuated with his age( he is in the earlier half-decade of 50).

My problem is that I tend to hold on to memories far more ( I think) than a lot of other people. My husband often reminds me that I need to let go of the past and perhaps memories ‘ wrongs” others might have done me in the past. I was haunted, until recently by memories of the “terror” or should I say ‘terrorist” at my previous work place and the extreme steps I take to avoid her.


On my recent holiday, I went to visit an old uncle and aunt of my husband’s, both in their late 80’s, who are bed-ridden and can’t remember most things except things that haven’t changed much. They can remember my father, mother and sister in law, who haven’t changed much in years but they can’t place my husband, me or our children and so many of the current generation. Me, it is understandable, my appearance changing, as it is, from day-to-day.


Isn’t it funny that we humans, find it difficult to let go of old hurts and memories that hurt and tend to hang on to them ( sometimes for dear life) but at other times, even a simple thing like a name is difficult to remember.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could remember what you learnt in school or the names of people or things you read or saw somewhere more than the memories of hurts and sad thoughts ?


Do we tend to hold on to memories to avoid forgiving the persons who hurt us in the past, for forgiveness is  a large part of letting go ?

I had hard times in my college during my under graduate studies( mentioned in previous posts). I was ragged and still carry harsh memories of my time there. I even avoid my college reunions to avoid seeing my classmates. I am actually not sure if I want to let go of this elephantine memory. Is it actually possible that I want to hang on to this hurt for as long as I live ? No, actually I would like to move forward. I would like to go back to my alma mater ( sometime).


What do you think my steps should be to achieve my goal of forgiving those who hurt me ?

  1. I would say one way is to go and confront the people who hurt me.
  2. If Banani has hurt me a lot in the past, one way I can forgive her is to keep saying ” I forgive Banani” several times a day. ( This is going to be difficult). You realize what I am doing here- I am trying to write down my feelings, so can see it every time I read this post.
  3. Instead of the negative thoughts that I harbour, I can practice putting one today thought in its stead. For example, I need to get back home as soon as work is over and sit with my daughter so the two of us can tackle some high school physics together. Isn’t that so much better than ruminating over the past ? So exchanging a good thought, a today thought can possibly help erase past thoughts. Do you agree ?
  4. As in reading a book, I can move on to the next chapter of my life. ( after I accept the past and embrace it of course)
  5. I need to do my Masters’ degree and soon- so I can get a job or even start an MPH program when I return home. Planning and working on this bucket list item can possibly help move the gramophone record of my life from my past, so I can listen to new songs and see the world through rose-tinted glasses- once again.

To be able to recall items is good but to learn to let go of memories is a cultivated art. ( I think)




2 years old

My blog turned 2 yesterday.

I started blogging to let out some steam and to start loving myself once again. Blogging has done that and so much more for me. I have found new friends, that perhaps I would never have met in real life.

Kathy( From Minding my p’s with Q/ A lot of P’s with a bit of Quirkiness thrown in for good measure)

Debbie Crocker ( Talking to my weight loss counsellor )

Debbie Bowman( Bowman Author)

R. Sativus ( April)

Ritu ( But I smile anyway)

and so many other unnamed friends- friends who have helped me, guided me, advised me and taken me through so much.

Thank you all- and bless you !