My daughter is coming home today. It has been nearly 5 years and 9 months since she left home in 2011 to earn her degree at her university. Today she is a full fledged doctor and more important to a mother's heart, back home to her mamma. I remember her as a little toddler holding …

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Work place share

Sasha who works in our research office has just returned from a trip to California. She brought me a packet of chocolate mints- my favourites but I have kept them and been so good with them- not even peeking at them. While walking through a mall in our town, Sasha found a store that sold …

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Kat Vs Cat

A moment ago, I thought this should be my blog post for the day. We have a work day today and so at work, I heard from my co worker Kat that she had a problem. Driving along on a Saturday afternoon towards the Marriott hotel in town, she saw a cat sitting on the …

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You Don’t Smell Good…

A beautiful poem by Jackie

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Quit Judging, Quotes

I have no patience
for those who spend
a better part of their time
judging and labelling others.

You’ve never worn
the other man’s shoes,
how exactly do you know
how undersized and pinching they are?

Quit being obtuse
You don’t smell like roses yourself.
If we look hard enough, I bet
there’s are loads of manure in your garden.

Tend to your own garden
called your life.
Concentrate on being the best you
that you can be.

Concentrate on being a supportive anchor
for someone who might be adrift,
but leave your judgment at the doorstep
otherwise, you’ll wear out your welcome.

Remember that not all who wander
have truly lost their path,
they are simply in search of a beacon
to help them find their way back.


Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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March and April are months which signal end of school terms in many schools- sometimes these are extended well into June. Can you imagine such a long study period ? My younger daughter is in the last throes of her school life. School exams and projects fill her day. As her mother, the exam fever …

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