New job

Its about a week since I started the new job. It has been a really new experience. Things have been tough and tight at home but we managed to pull through this first week and all of us are still alive.

The cat is ok, though he must be missing me. (I like to think this). Most of the time his food is uneaten in his dish.

The nights are shorter and its night by 4:30 pm. At job, it is really cold with the stone buildings and the Air Con.

I have been driving to work 2 days now. It has been a hassle with the multiple roundabouts and the jammed signals on the way. I was late by about 2 hours the first day but managed to get by without being pulled up for it.

Today I started about 30 minutes earlier- so managed to reach on time.

We get food on the campus, so there is no food problem. And the daily quota of exercise from the long walk from the parking lot to the office building.

All in all, it has been a new experience.

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