Cat against blue sky


Daughter 1, is into photography. With time on her hands, she is looking around for targets. Today it was the sky. She was on the ground, two floors below and trying to get a snap of the blue sky. See who photobombed the picture.


Sunshine is part of a nature photo- daughter A realized when when she looked through her album that she had an unknown victim in her photograph.

8 thoughts on “Cat against blue sky

    1. This cat lives with the bucket list of running outside at every possible opportunity. He can’t so he goes up to the terrace and sits on the parapet looking down at all the other cats in the vicinity.

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  1. Timelesslady says:

    So sweet Susie…terrific really. You could share your link with Skywatch Friday. It’s a weekly challenge that highlights amazing skyshots. I enjoy viewing it and participating too. Your cat shot is perfect! I’m including the link in case you are tempted to add yours to their board. It might say Friday, but you can add your photographs to the current post all through the week. Kathy

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